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Russia, a country known for its vast landscapes and rich history, is full of surprises that captivate and intrigue. From bustling cities to untouched natural wonders, there is so much to explore and learn about this fascinating nation. In this blog, we delve into some fun facts about Russia that highlight its unique charm and diverse features. Whether you’re planning a trip or just curious about the world’s largest country, these interesting tidbits will give you a new appreciation for Russia’s cultural and natural wonders.

5 Fun Facts About Russia

Discover the enigmatic beauty of Russia with these five intriguing facts that highlight its unique culture, extreme environments, and historical treasures. From the bustling streets of Moscow to the serene expanses of Siberia, uncover a land of contrasts and enduring mysteries.

1. Moscow: The Largest City in Europe


Contrary to popular belief, Moscow, not London or Paris, holds the title of the largest city in Europe by population. With around 12 million residents, Moscow is a bustling metropolis that perfectly blends historic charm with modern vibrancy. This city is a must-visit destination on many Russian tours, offering a rich cultural experience that ranges from ancient architecture to contemporary arts.

2. Cats at the Hermitage Museum

Cats at the Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, one of the world’s most famous art and culture museums, has a unique approach to pest control. Since the 18th century, the museum has employed cats to protect its precious collections from rats and mice. Today, over 50 cats live in the museum, each with its own passport and dedicated caretaker. These feline employees are considered a treasured part of the Hermitage’s history and charm.

3. Vodka’s Surprising Origins

Contrary to popular belief, vodka was first invented in Poland. However, Russians perfected the distillation process, making vodka a celebrated and widely enjoyed spirit worldwide.

4. Russia’s Vast Forests

Russia's Vast Forests

Russia’s immense size is partly due to its vast forested areas, with Siberia accounting for a significant portion. Approximately 60% of Russia is covered in forests, and half of these forests are untouched by human activity. This natural expanse means that Russia is home to around 20% of the world’s trees, providing a crucial habitat for endangered Siberian tiger.

5. The World’s Coldest Inhabited Town

Russia is known for its harsh winters, but the town of Oymyakon in Siberia takes the crown for the coldest inhabited place on Earth. With average winter temperatures plummeting to -50°C and a record low of -78°C in 1938, living conditions here are extreme. Despite the frigid climate, Oymyakon remains a resilient community, demonstrating the remarkable adaptability of its residents.


Russia’s vast expanse and rich heritage make it a country of endless fascination. These fun facts about Russia offer just a glimpse into the many wonders that this incredible nation holds. From the largest city in Europe to the coldest inhabited town on Earth, Russia is a land of contrasts and unique stories. Whether it’s the historical significance of the Hermitage Museum or the natural beauty of its extensive forests, Russia continues to captivate the imagination of those who explore its depths. So, next time you think of Russia, remember these intriguing facts that make it such a remarkable place.

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